Coping in crisies Money, Health, Relationships

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Coping in crisies Money, Health, Relationships

All change brings stress as a by-product. Sometimes, however, events in our lives are traumatic enough to constitute a crisis, and stress levels are nearly unmanageable. Such crises include being diagnosed with a serious health condition, dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, or being personally affected by a human tragedy, although events of lesser severity can also constitute a crisis. What are some healthy ways to cope with a crisis and get through to the other side? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when coping with a crisis.

That anytime, anything can happen in your life. Uncertainty of work, health and relationships. How do we cope the stress and pressure of life? ?How can we make it happen and do we live the life we wish too.      Excellent discussions on  this week Pay It Forward Radio Show, where we will bring you tips and solutions on a difficult subject.  Tune in to Michelle Richardson and Isabella Hastings 9am till 11am for great music and a topic not to

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